As we enter our first full month of school, we are well underway to “The Basics and Beyond.” Our students should be actively working on their first quarter TIP Project which counts as 15% of their report card grade in each of their content area courses. The class size mandate requires our core content classes to be capped at 22 students. At this time, we are not honoring any schedule change requests. Our 6th grade teams are over the class size and we will be welcoming some new teachers in the future to assist in lowering the number of students in the classes. As a result, the 6th grade Open House will be postponed until the new teachers and new teams are established. We appreciate your understanding and patience through this process.

Last year, we were able to raise enough funds to purchase a full lab. We are hoping to raise enough money this year to purchase another lab. We will be conducting a walkthrough of the lab at our SAC meeting on September 23, 2014. We are selling coupon books for $20.00 in the front office and we will hold our first Star Strut on September 18, 2014 for the 8th grade. All of the funds raised come directly back to Millennium Middle so we appreciate you supporting us.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us. Have a great month!


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